Life is Messy

This is the New You

March 5, 2019


Greetings, Sardines!  You look great! Have you been working out? This week we talk about how we’ve changed over the years.  Aging ain’t all bad. Well, it ain’t all bad all the time, anyway.


Chris and Sara talk about the changes they’re proud of and the ones that are inevitable.  Or are they? Make sure to weigh in in our Facebook group! But don’t worry - no scales are involved, just friendly dialog. :)


Want to put your 2 cents in?  Or have a Messy Moment?  Let us know in one of (or all of) these ways:


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Life is Messy Theme and Bumper composed and recorded by Jim Stapleton

Life is Messy logo created by Donna Hume

Episode image: Image by RyanMcGuire on Pixabay


Bed Music (all available from the YouTube Audio Library:

  • The Place Inside by Silent Partner
  • Kona Sun by Freedom Trail Studio

Random References:

Harry Connick fixes the beat

Sara’s elder idol gets her groove on in a Levi’s commercial

Ladies’ Rock Camp - Seattle but there are branches for ladies and girls around the world!


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